The Company

“Marea Danza” is a Spanish Flamenco and “Danza” Company created in Valencia on March 2014, under the initiative of Spanish dancers Yolanda López, Elena Martínez, María José Mora, Lourdes de la Rúa and Paula Sebastián. After sharing many years in the dance profession, the group decided to unite their experience with views to create a unique project to mature their artistic creativeness.

The Company conceives their shows from a global perspective by delivering an equal combination of factors comprising dramaturgy, music, dance, scenography and visual performance to convey storytelling to the audience and visualize concepts through scenic language.

“Marea” is movement, sea, swings, rhythm, waves, strength and dance. “Marea Danza” is a brave proposal from five dancers to continue growing professionally through works and plays which connect with their way of understanding the art of “Flamenco” and “Spanish Dance”.