We are Marea Danza.

Marea Danza is a Valencian company created in 2014 with the goal of bringing Flamenco and Spanish Dance into contemporary creations and, through this, to a heterogeneous audience. 

The inception of the company is born from societal concerns, non-conformism, and the need to raise awareness of the sociocultural context that influences our life paths. Besides dance, we look towards visual arts, film, literature and the current trends in artistic creation and communication.

We work by giving value to the singularity of each dancer, emphasizing the characteristics that define us and, at the same time, trying to find connections between us that translate into a common energy on stage.

A harmonious community of women created by unique identities.

Following these principles, we create our performances: Relieves (2015), Amelia (2017) FETEN Award, Best Dance Performance 2018, Roda (2020) Best Street Performance at the Valencian Institute of Culture (IVC) Performing Art Awards 2021 and Rebelión (2021), a production of the Teatre Escalante, Best Children’s Show IVC Performing Art Awards 2021. Our latest creations focus on a creative path tailored to a family-friendly audience, where we reinterpret the movement, music, and aesthetic of flamenco to bring it closer to the imaginary of childhood.

The communication with the audience is essential for Marea Danza, we strive for the audience to be able to access the ethical-social-political discourse presented in our shows and to be able to appreciate Flamenco and Spanish Dance as artistic languages that can transmit contemporary issues.

To this end, we produce pedagogical activities that accompany our shows, – Menuda Revolución, Menuda Roda – and created the program Dansa al Museu. Dance and social action to generate new audiences for performing arts, to educate through artistic sensibility and to highlight the benefits that culture contributes to our society.

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Best children’s show
Artes Escénicas Awards IVC 2021

Best Choreographic Direction Nomination
Artes Escénicas Awards IVC 2021

Best Illumination Nomination
Artes Escénicas Awards IVC 2021

Best Street Show
Artes Escénicas AwardsIVC 2021


Best Dance Show
FETEN Awards  2018

Best Costume Design
Artes Escénicas Awards IVC 2018

Nominations PREMIOS MAX 2019
● Best Children Show
● Best Stage Management
● Best Original Soundtrack
● Best Costume