As soon as the day breaks, their obedient hands are ready to work, to take over the assembly line, to be at the service of the machine. While the workday lasts, they aren’t any better than livestock, with no rest and no life. Shinning metals and rusty lives in a never-ending sequence. Work, work, work!

Until when will our heads bow under our shoulders? When will we get out of this cage?



Today is the day we’ll say ‘enough’. Today we will get up and raise the flag of rebellion. Today the oppressors will fall and we’ll feel the fresh grass under our feet and delight in the singing of birds. Today we’ll spend more time with our families and with ourselves. Today is the day of rebellion!

Based on George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

¿Hasta cuándo tendremos la cabeza hundida en los hombros?  ¿Cuándo saldremos de esta jaula?  HOY.

“We work like animals while the master watches us from his couch. The boss, the guard. We are down here, in the mud, fed up and exhausted, searching for an ideal society under the shadow cast by oppression.” Marea Danza delves into a satire on totalitarianism. A caustic story about the injustices and the temptations of power that haven’t stopped haunting us since George Orwell wrote this landmark of contemporary literature in 1945. The challenge: translating the pages of the novel to the language of Flamenco and Spanish Dance.


“Todos los animales son iguales, pero algunos son más iguales que otros”.


La Teta Calva and Marea Danza adapt this classical novel and set it in a factory, where female workers wear themselves out every day. The company dances at the rhythm of hammers and gears, to the beat of the ticking clock, orchestrating, step by step, their yearned rebellion. Their bodies transform, they become animals. From horses that drag the heavy burden of farm tools to hens that lay eggs until their extenuation, while their masters, ruthless and mocking characters, grunt relentlessly under their jackets.

A vision that confronts the coldness of the machines with the essence of rural life.


Children represent the future, the hope for a better world. If we educate them to be more productive, to obey and be infallible, we will be transforming them into machines instead of people. For this reason, our production celebrates the success of freedom and teamwork over tyranny, and warns us against the dangers of falling for greed and individualism once we reach the top.

Esta es nuestra moraleja: Recordar que el verdadero poder reside en defender nuestra humanidad.


Direction and Authorship: La Teta Calva, Xavo Giménez and María Cárdenas.

Choreographic Direction: Olga Pericet.

Soundtrack: Carles Chiner.

Stage Design: Luis Crespo.

DCostume Design: Ana Garay.

Stage Lighting Design: Marc Gonzalo.

Répétiteur: Paco Berbel.

Dancers: Elena Marava, Lourdes de la Rúa, María José Mora, Paula Sebastián, Rosa Sanz and Yolanda López.

Musical Performers: Carles Chiner, Antonia Jiménez, Manuel Reyes, Rafa Villalba.

Art Design: Lawerta.

Audiovisual: Nacho Carrascosa.

Photography: Nerea Coll.

Pedagogical Proposal: Paula Sebastián.

Communication: Teatre Escalante and Marea Danza.

Technical Director: Marcos Orbegozo.

Production Design and Execution: María José Mora.

Production Assistant: Beatriu Mas.

Distribution: a + Soluciones Culturales

Mejor espectáculo infantil
Premios Artes Escénicas IVC 2021 
Nominación Mejor Dirección Coreográfica
Premios Artes Escénicas IVC 2021
Nominación Mejor Iluminación
Premios Artes Escénicas IVC 2021
Mejor diseño de vestuario
Premios MAX 2022
Finalista Mejor Dirección Coreográfica
Premios MAX 2022
Finalista Mejor Banda Sonora
Premios MAX 2022
Candidata Mejor espectáculo infantil, juvenil o familiar
Premios MAX 2022
Candidata Mejor Adaptación
Premios MAX 2022
Candidata Mejor Intérprete femenina
Premios MAX 2022
Candidato Mejor diseño de espacio escénico
Premios MAX 2022