We all try to take flight. We all look upwards when we are children and end up looking down to the ground over time. Amelia is the story of a girl that dreams about birds, clouds, and small worlds under her feet. This is the story of every woman for whom the sky is the limit and freedom is their only luggage. Marea Danza and La Teta Calva have held hands to take flight in this low-flying journey of feelings, to create a flamenco dance show for all audiences. 

Feel the motors and the propellers, fall silent with the bombs, through the beautiful and the terrible, let the singing of that canary that flutters in each of us seduce you. Amelia, don’t let them clip your wings.

Amelia, que no te corten las alas.

Based on the story of Amelia Earhart, the first woman to cross the Atlantic piloting a plane, la Teta Calva has created a show for Marea Danza where flamenco and contemporary dramaturgy merge. In flamenco and in the figure of the woman, we search for the fierce gesture and the resolution. The motor that roars in the storm. If the flamenco is quejío and expression, in this story we present a homage to all of those women that make problems a remote landscape, they grow strong and they form an alliance with gales and winds to demonstrate that nothing is impossible.


“Cinco mujeres que serán cinco aves, que serán una tormenta, que serán cinco hombres, que serán cinco truenos y cinco islas perdidas. Cinco bailarinas y dos autores.”



La Teta Calva is in charge of the dramaturgy and direction; Xavo Giménez and María Cárdenas are responsible for endowing this family-friendly Spanish dance and Flamenco show with intensity and contemporaneity, to represent a brave woman who demonstrated that nothing is impossible.

In flamenco and in the figure of the woman, we search for the fierce gesture and the resolution. The motor that roars in the storm.

Si el flamenco es quejío y expresión, vemos en esta historia un homenaje a todas esas mujeres que hacen de los problemas un paisaje lejano, se hacen fuertes y se alían con los vendavales para demostrarnos que no hay nada imposible.


Direction and Authorship: La Teta Calva.

Choreographic Direction: Paco Berbel.

Choreographies “Fama”, “Nubes”: Elena Marava.

Origina Music: Carles Chiner.

Produced by: Pasqual Rodrigo Estudios L´ïlla de Pasqu.

Dancers: Elena Marava, María José Mora, Lourdes de la Rúa, Rosa Sanz and Paula Sebastián.

Costume Design: Pascual Peris.

Stage Space Design: Luis Crespo.

Stage Lighting Design: Ximo Rojo.

Production coordination María José Mora and Paula Sebastián.

Comunication: María José Mora.

Productionn: Marea Danza.

Mejor espectáculo de danza
Premio FETEN  2018
Mejor vestuario
Premios Artes Escénicas IVC 2018
Candidata Mejor espectáculo infantil
Premios MAX 2019
Candidata Mejor dirección de escena
Premios MAX 2019
Candidata Mejor Banda Sonora
Premios MAX 2019
Candidata Mejor diseño de vestuario
Premios MAX 2019